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General Inquiries

Our goal is to manufacture high quality and refined products that our customers can trust and appreciate. We are ISO/TS16949 registered, for quality assurance standard in the automotive industry. Clearly indicating the trust we have won in both current and future customers of ours.

On the other hand, we have received “ISO 14001” certification as a result of our efforts made for environmental protection. We are engaged with activities that help eliminate noxious industrial wastes that are produced during the production process. We are also committed to reducing the usage of natural resources. We will continue our efforts to protect the environment and strive to manufacture products that are easy on the environment and valuable to people.

Quality Management System (ISO/TS16949) Certification

Environmental Management System ISO14001 Certification

Toyo Japan

Toyo USA

Toyo Philippines

Toyo India

Toyo Europe

Toyo China

Magyar Toyo

Corporate Name









Number of Employees

Main Bank

Toyo Seat Group Company







Toyo Seat CO, Ltd.

May 21, 1947

Corporate Office

1-6-25, Kuniobu, Kaita, Aki-gun, Hiroshima, 736-0002,Japan

One hundred million yen

36.5 Billion (2015)

Toru Yamaguchi

Car seat, Convertible top, Mechanism element, Exhaust pipe, Door Trim, Seat for train,

Steel furniture, Health-care equipment

736 (March 2016)

Mituisumitomo bank, mizuho bank, Mitubishi Tokyo UFJ bank, Syoukoutyukin bank, Hiroshima bank


Takaya Kasei CO, Ltd, Toyo-tooling CO., Ltd. Nanjo Sobi Kogyo CO., Ltd, Miyoshi Manufacturing CO., Ltd

Other Counties

Toyo Seat USA Corp, Toyo Seat Philippines Corp, Toyo Seat Europe Kft., Magyar Toyo Seat Kft., Toyo Seat China Corp,

Aki Seat, Toyo Seat India Private Limited

Mazda Motor Corp, Toyota Motor Corp, Honda Motor CO., Ltd, Nisan Motor CO., Ltd, TS Tech CO., Ltd, Johnson Controls,

KK, Toyota Boshoku Corp, Frabcebed CO., Ltd., Kokuyo Corp, JR Corp, Nisinihon Technos, Minato Ikagaku Corp