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For the Mazda MPV, Toyo Seat has developed and supplies the “Super Relaxing Seat” for the second row, a must for any minivan today. It provides a comfortable and versatile space for passengers and their luggage.  In addition to a reclining mechanism, ottoman, and an arm rest with infinite angle adjustment, the second row seat’s cushion has an angle adjustment mechanism that creates the most comfortable angle between a passenger’s back and thighs when the seat is in the reclined position.  A large swing-style head rest acts to reduce the amount of stress commonly caused around the neck and also resist side to side movement of the passengers’ head.  Extra-long seat tracks allow passengers to enjoy comfortable space all around the seat.  The third row seat folds into the floor with a pull strap creating a flat load floor in the back of the van.  Toyo Seat makes flexible, versatile seating arrangements. Enjoy the comfort and convenience that we provide.

Adjustable Headrest: Designed to support the occupants neck and cradle their head to prevent side to side movement.

Ratcheting Armrest: Offers an infinite amount of adjustment.

Second Row Fold-out Ottoman: For the ultimate in passenger comfort.

Fold Flat Function: To optimize utility and maximize cargo space.


Safety is a key factor of the car seat, advancements improve both the safety and comfort of driving. Toyo Seat provides front seats equipped with anti-whiplash “active head restraints,” which support the head and neck in case of a rear-end collision. Further evolved 3 point seat belts are installed to reduce the burden on the chest in case of a frontal collision.
By expanding the front corners of the cushion and extending the height of the seat back, the spaciousness and comfort of the seat is enhanced. For sports model seats, moving the bolster of the seat back and increasing the stiffness, ultimate support can be achieved. With highly enhanced safety and comfort, you will feel the sense of security when driving.


Active Headrest

Patented Steel Camming Latch Features

  • Scalable design for loads ranging upwards of 65Kn ( 65Kn unit shown )
  • Universal bolt through design allows for layout in all seating configurations.
  • Engagement and release efforts are 40N max
  • Minimal release travel 11–13mm with 22mm min over travel
  • 0 deg friction angle on independent safety lock
  • 6.0 deg friction angle on independent anti-rattle cam
  • Unique spring plate decouples internal spring forces from structural hook allowing BSR cam to easily eliminate looseness, while keeping the release efforts low.
  • Acceptable striker fore and aft variation is +/-4mm with a 17 mm striker ( for 65Kn shown ).
  • Current design is for a 17 (+0.15 / -0.1) mm diameter striker.  Adjustments can be made to support customers requirements.