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Toyo Seat Unique Production System

In order to produce necessary products for necessary time on an <as required> basis, we have established our unique production system that allows us, even on the production and design stage, to plan how to organize and use information required to manufacture products smoothly. We have established the synchronized production system based on the “Set Production” and “Multiple Kinds Mixed Production.” The synchronized production enables us to respond flexibly and appropriately to our customers’ needs, providing products as they need them, which, we believe, is highly beneficial to our customers.

Creating a Safe and Well-conditioned Workplace

Toyo Seat has been striving to create a safe and well-conditioned work environment. For this purpose, our employees are working together for improving better work place. We are concentrating on the Kaizen activity with a challenging spirit under a motto of “Change our workplace by ourselves for better well-conditioned environment!” Toyo Seat keeps motivating and encouraging our employees to be involved in the Kaizen activities by utilizing a bulletin board to provide the information on various Kaizen activities and results. Involving employees in Kaizen activities have enhanced productivity and safety awareness on the assembly line, resulting in being able to provide higher quality products as a company. We are never satisfied with current conditions: we always strive to be better tomorrow than today in every way and try to make our workplace a better and safer one for our employees.

Equipment that is Compact in Size and Run by Our Wisdom

Under the slogan, “Equipment that is compact in size and run by our wisdom,” we design and build our own jigs, dies, and other equipment, and ship them to seven Toyo Seat affiliated companies over the world. We are capable of providing unique equipment by building our own, which also helps save cost, space, and energy.
NC Production Machinery programmed by the computer-aided engineering system creates models that are extremely faithful to the original design. The use of this machinery has contributed to the reduction of equipment lead time for mass production. We have also received high level of regard for our technology, and we are one of the most promising companies with superior production technology.