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44The second row seats have Ottomans that support passengers’ calves, reducing distress to that area. Ottomans are mechanical parts that provide a relaxing space for passengers.

Power Unit

The power unit of a seat is a mechanism that provides a driver with the best possible driving position by electronically tilting and raising a seat, changing the recliner angle, and sliding seats on seat tracks.

Seat Tracks

Seat tracks make it possible for a driver to adjust the seat position back and forth easily for the best position for driving.

Long Seat Tracks

Toyo Seat manufactures extra-long seat tracks to provide a longer slide range for seats than in average vehicles, This provides a much larger interior space and more versatile seating options than conventional seat tracks.

Round Recliner

Round recliners make it possible to adjust the angle of the seat back to suit each individual passenger.
This mechanism also maintains seat back angle and protects passengers in case of a front or rear end collision.

Non-Automotive Products

The two seater for bullet train of Japan Railways Group. Generally, seat is facing the ongoing direction but seat can also be rotated 180 degrees for a party of 4.

The artificial-dialysis chair has up-and-down function. The single action reclining, Ottoman, and armrest position are linked together to form a full flattened bed, and it also can be adjusted in between positions that user desires.

To adjust to various business styles, this table has tilting and up-and-down functions. This table is mainly used in over head projector based presentation.

Exercise equipment.

Exercise equipment.

Combined with metal, cloth, plastic, wood, etc. for office tables and chairs mainly used for business meetings.
We are also able to produce part-by-part of the tables and chairs.