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Toyo Seat has in house all of the necessary automotive testing equipment and we test our products under all required conditions and situations. We have installed the latest Servo Sled collision test equipment and are able to perform whip-lash test as well as simulation tests of both rear and frontal collisions. We have the capability to test our products under temperature extremes between +120C to – 40C in our temperature & humidity chambers as well as a multitude of BSR, fatigue and durability equipment. Our continuous study makes us flexible to create suitable designs for any conditions in every country of the world. Toyo Seat, performs all necessary testing to create safe and high quality products throughout the globe.

  • Dynamic Servo Sled, Euro NCAP Compatible
  • Numerous Ingress / Egress Durability Stations
  • 6 Axis Vibration Table for NVH/BSR/Durability Fatigue Simulations
  • Flammability Resistance
  • Material Strength testing to 30 Metric Tons
  • Thermal Shock Durability Chambers
  • Drive-in environmental chambers capable of -40 C –> 120C and 30–>95% RH
  • Thermostatic Chamber with Vibration Capabilities
  • Standard Dew Cycle / Sunshine weather meter ( light fastness testing )
  • Standard UV Long Life Fade Meter
  • Color Fastness to Rubbing Testers
  • Taber Abrasion Testing
  • Textile Air Permeability Tester
  • Embedding Machine
  • Body Pressure Mapping System

Toyo Seat Test Laboratory

Purpose and Scope:

Using a unique flexible-testing cell, through an assortment of Actuators, Load Cells, Displacement Transducers, Programmable PLC’s etc., a wide assortment of test requirements can be attained. Toyo Seat retains this capability to develop closed loop test systems to meet the needs of our customer, engineering, and product development groups. The following is a list of examples:

Mechanical Strength, Fatigue, Impact, Durability, and Evaluation:

Material Load & Deflection to 5 metric tons (Compression / Shear) {Customer Specified}
Belt in Seat Strength {FMVSS 207, 210}
Seat Anchorage Strength {FMVSS 207}
Moment Strength of Seatback {FMVSS 207
Torsion Strength of Seatback {Customer Specified}
Strength of Entire Seat {FMVSS 207}
Center of Gravity and Mass Determination {UST Manual}
Noise by Passenger Movement {MES 57020B}

Vibration Durability from .5-500 Hz, 250 mm stroke, acceleration to 35g {MES 57010B}
Vibration Squeak and Rattle Sweep Testing {Customer Specific}
Seatback Durability Forward / Rearward Load {Customer Specific}

Operation Durability of Recliners and Seat Tracks {Customer Specific}
Latch Durability {Customer Specific}
Rearback Fold Down Durability {Customer Specific}
Operating, Release, and / or Engagement Efforts {Customer Specific}
Chuck or Looseness of Component or Assembly (Play) {MES 57020B}
Spring Life Durability {F58B-1660026-A}

Fabric Durability {Customer Specific}
Ingress / Egress (horizontal, 45°, 60°, 90°) {Customer Specific}
Foam / Fabric Impression Load Defections, ILD’S {Japan Method}

Environmental Durability from +190 deg C to -73 deg C, Humidity Range from 10% RH to 95%
RH, limited by a maximum dry bulb of +85 deg C, and a minimum dewpoint of +4 deg C
Chamber Size 38” wide x 38” deep x 38” high {Customer Specific}

Shock Absorption of Headrest {Static & Dynamic} {FMVSS 201 &202}
Shock Absorption of Seatback Rear Surface{Static & Dynamic} {FMVSS 201}

Electrical Durability / Abuse Testing, 0-20v DC & 0-50 amps {Customer Specific}
Monitoring Amperage, Voltage, Temperature, and Speed {Customer Specific}